At the age of five, I remember being drawn to the different color qualities in the flowers along the sidewalk gardens on my way to kindergarten and was encouraged in early elementary school to develop myself as an artist. I longed to go to college.

At Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, I received a Bachelor of Art in the College of Fine Art and Communication, coupled with work, study and art exploration in NYC and Western Europe. I further nurtured my passion for color: the aesthetic, functional, scientific, and psychological qualities in San Diego at the American Information Center for Color and the Environment, through which I received accreditation through the International Association of Color Consultants/Designers—to apply the art and science of color in the built environment—my profession for many years. The thesis for which I graduated with honors became the subject of my later books which features the proprietary Core Color Plan. The books allows the reader to participate in personal discovery of color archetypes and symbolism of twenty-eight colors and neutrals. After many years of exploring figurative and landscape paintings, I currently choose to express themes and forms drawn from the realms of archetypes.

“The science of art can lead to a comprehensive synthesis which extends beyond the confines of art into the realm of the ‘oneness of the human and the divine’ . . . . . the internal truth which only art can divine, which only art can express by those means of expression which are hers alone.”

Vasily Kandinsky, From Point to Line to Plane

Mediums include acrylic, oil, latex and mixed media. Commissioned artwork and archival prints are available, please contact for more details.



Meditation Series