The Core Color Plan is a design tool for harnessing the power of color in your personal environment. It is the culmination of working hands-on with clients and applying the research of the impact of color on human response.

Through a series of fun and intuitive questions, you will discover:

  • What colors bring out the best in you

  • How to incorporate color effectively into your environment

  • Learn personal color combinations to motivate, inspire and soothe

  • Learn how to us positive color psychology to build upon strengths and character

  • Gain a visual perspective on your priority and purpose

"Color is a power which directly influences the soul."                             -Vasily Kandinsky

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The Core Color Plan: Use Color with Intention for Greater Well-Being and Productivity is a tool to invigorate your interior design and other creative projects. Questions are answered based on emotional responses to color, guiding you in the discovery of personal strengths and talents—your color signature—and teaching you to design with intention.

Make professional and everyday decisions with insight and clarity, whether you are working on your home, commercial space, product decision, website or artistic project.

With the use of the Core Color Plan Questionnaire and book, learn the symbolism and psychology of your core color preferences, with twenty-eight color and neutral archetypes. Receive marketing color guidelines, color affirmations, and how-to-use information.

“Change your environment, change your life, and design with intention are compelling and comprehensive messages throughout the book. Debra brings a sense of magic to the art of color. I highly recommend this book for any creative project.” Kelly Burgess, BCreative, Olathe, KS

130 pages, Cover Design: Twirl Advertising and Design, available for purchase on

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